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About RF Queens

 RF Queens provides RF Consultation, Products and Services to Theatre & Entertainment venues, Production & Event suppliers Australia-wide & beyond.

RF Consultation 
- Regular or singular consulting, covering issues with RF interference, RF Rack Repair & Maintenance,
 and upgrade purchases.
- Sells Wireless & Wired, Systems and Microphones
*Touring & Local Live Productions*
- RF Coordination
- RF distribution
- Audio & AV Operates
- Stage & Patch Roles
- Project Management roles

Founded by Jess McCloughan in Sydney, Australia. Jess has provided 
RF Services since 2017 and has worked in the industry since 2011.
In 2022 RF Queens was born, officially branding her RF Skills and Services. She is passionate about providing a great RF experience to everyone, as she understands it can be quite overwhelming for many who have a limited understanding of the craft. 

A bit more about Jess

After a few years in the industry, she leaned more and more into RF and microphone distribution; having a bubbly personality, she is suited for the mic-up role, excelling in her approach to help whomever she was micing up feel as comfortable as possible; from this, she discovered her passion for RF and soon after found out about her late grandfather's Amateur radio skills in the Australia army.
Continuing, she found herself presented with more and more Project management and Customer service opportunities, ultimately leading to her founding RF Queens, so she could help more and more clients reach their goal of manageable RF within their event or Venue environment while also giving RF Queens clients access to the best quality products.

Helping others thrive

Jess has always been passionate about helping others grow and learn but also feel supported in the entertainment industry; she's noticed of the years a lack of female presences in the industry, so she went out to create a door for more to join the industry, especially those who are feminine-identifying working or wanting to work in the Events industry. She then founded The Tech Sisters in 2018, a group that empowers all feminine-identifying backstage "event heroes" since its creation, the group has grown to have over 1400 members; you should check out the Group on Facebook if you wish to join the community.

Projects Jess Has been apart of

She has worked on many events, from TEDx Sydney events and The Voice to the School of Rock Musical at Qudos Bank Area. Each with different requirements, but all super fun to be a part of.

Her project management skills have led to her being a part of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games here in Queensland, Australia, a project she worked on for six months supporting the Audio component for the opening and closing ceremonies. She now finds herself on festivals, musicals and other large-scale events working for various supplies and RF Consulting for Event and Theatre venues to help create a manageable RF and Audio System for them to continue using.

What will you find here?

  • A Blog on thoughts and helpful tips.

  • A showcase of the events we have been working on.

  • RF consulting for Theatre & Entertainment venues.

    How to get in contact and book a Meeting?

Head to the Service page to book an appointment to discuss more; we'd be happy to assist however we can. We are committed to simplifying RF for all and creating understandable RF systems.

Take some time to explore the blog and find what sparks your interest. Feel free to reach out if you would like to ask a question, inquire about RF consulting or ask a question; read on and enjoy!


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