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Welcome to my Portable Office

Updated: May 28, 2023

Welcome to my portal office

Fits into a pelican (except for the screen). Main features include being able to record podcasts remotely when the opportunity presents itself and being able to work still when not onsite; I find it quite hard to be fully productive without a side monitor, so this includes being able to jump on a Zoom call with the best mic and camera quality.

fitted with the following products

insta360 Link 4K webcam 📷

PreSonus STUDIO 24c Shure SRH440A Over-ear Wired Headphones

Shure SM7B 🎤

Innovative Production Services: XLR cable (borrowed)

Apple MacBook Pro 💻 (link to latest model)

streamdeck Streamdeck+

asus Monitor 📺

I've always been a massive fan of PreSonus. I own three interfaces now, but they are truly remarkable; they never lose connection, always there when you plug it in; I've stuck with them for years.

insta360 is another brand I own a few products in now, and their ordering process and customer support are outstanding; the product itself is always such high quality; you'll be seeing some more Insta 360 footage soon.

streamdeck is another great brand with great products; I own a Streamdeck XL and now the Steamdesk+ for my remote set-up.

Shure is a product we can sell and are super proud to offer, this SM7B seemed to have a lot of great reviews, and it sounds good, though it needs a lot of gain, as @adamaudioproduction pointed out to me; he was right...

Anyways that's my remote office setup; I hope that helps; let me know in the comments what you use.

Also, no one's paying me to make this post; I know it's sometimes hard to find the right product

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