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Brand Partnerships

We specialize in boosting brand awareness globally and in the Australian & New Zealand markets for high-quality brands.
Let’s chat about how we can elevate your brand’s visibility.

RF Queens Brand Partnerships

Marketing on RF Queens Social Media

At RF Queens, I, Jess, take pride in marketing your brand across our social media platforms. This is crucial for enhancing brand awareness within our global network. Our audience eagerly anticipates updates on your latest and most innovative products, and I ensure they are always in the loop.

Liaising with Local Distributors

I maintain close partnerships with local distributors to guarantee seamless communication, ensure frequent stock replenishment, and uphold high levels of customer satisfaction. My commitment extends beyond distribution—I provide comprehensive training and engaging demo sessions tailored specifically for the Australian & New Zealand markets.

Active Use of Your Brand/Product at Live Events

Specializing in integrating cutting-edge products into live events, I ensure impactful experiences that resonate globally. Partnering with RF Queens means aligning your brand with our reputation for high-quality standards and innovative features.

Providing Product Demos

I deliver compelling product demonstrations that captivate and educate audiences. My enthusiasm for showcasing cutting-edge products ensures that your brand is presented clearly and impactfully at every event.

Providing Training Sessions on Your Products

Partner with RF Queens to deliver comprehensive training sessions that empower your audience with in-depth knowledge of your products. I excel in creating engaging and educational sessions tailored to maximize understanding and usage. At RF Queens, training sessions are pivotal opportunities to strengthen brand loyalty and foster deeper relationships with your audience. Together, we can collaborate to educate and inspire, ensuring that your products are not just understood but embraced with enthusiasm.

Selling Your Products on the RF Queens Online Store

Partner with RF Queens to showcase and sell your products on our prestigious online store, with a dedicated focus on Australia. Your brand will benefit from increased visibility and access to a diverse customer base across the region. I ensure a seamless integration process with your chosen distributor, guaranteeing that your products are presented professionally and attractively to our discerning audience. Whether you specialize in Live Space RF Equipment or Microphones and Accessories, our platform offers a prime opportunity to expand your market presence in Australia.

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Timo Liski - Senior Manager, Product Management

"RF Queens has been a steadfast supporter of Wavetool for many years, offering invaluable support not only within Australia but globally as well. We deeply appreciate Jess’s ongoing commitment and contributions to our success. Her efforts in spreading the word have truly made a significant impact."
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