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RF & Mic-up Training

We are passionate about clarifying the complexities of event space RF Coordination.
Let’s chat about how we can clarify event space RF Coordination

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This could include any of the following;

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RF & Mic-up Training

RF & Mic Up Training

Passionate About Clarifying Event Space RF Coordination, I am dedicated to making the complexities of event space RF Coordination clear and understandable. I aim to equip you with the skills to manage RF and microphone setups effectively and efficiently.

Training Options

I offer flexible training options to suit your needs:

  • Zoom Training Sessions: Participate in my interactive and engaging online sessions from the comfort of your own space.

  • In-Person Training: Experience hands-on training with me, tailored to your requirements.

Course Coverage

  • RF and Mic-up Skills: Learn the essentials of RF coordination and microphone setup, including frequency selection, interference management, and basic troubleshooting.

Contact Us

Ready to enhance your RF and Mic-up skills? Contact me today to discuss your training needs and schedule a session for your organization. I am here to help you achieve excellence in event space RF Coordination.

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Timo Liski - Senior Manager, Product Management

"RF Queens has been a steadfast supporter of Wavetool for many years, offering invaluable support not only within Australia but globally as well. We deeply appreciate Jess’s ongoing commitment and contributions to our success. Her efforts in spreading the word have truly made a significant impact."
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