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Event RF Coordination & Mic up

Need the following on your next event?

  • RF Coordination?

  • Mic'ing up of Talent or Speakers?

Contact us today to discuss the following and check availability.

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RF (Radio Frequency) Coordination

Ensuring the success of any event that relies on wireless communication technologies, RF Coordination is an essential service provided by RF Queens. Here’s how I, Jess, personally handle every aspect to ensure seamless wireless operations:

Frequency Allocation

Based on the RF calculations done by the software I use, I then assign specific frequencies to different devices and users to prevent interference and guarantee reliable communication.

Interference Management

I identify and mitigate potential sources of interference from other devices, structures, or environmental factors, ensuring a smooth wireless experience.

Spectrum Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of the radio spectrum at the event location, I understand the existing RF environment and identify clear frequencies for optimal performance.

Equipment Compatibility

I ensure that all wireless equipment is compatible and compliant with the allocated frequencies and regulations, maintaining high operating standards.

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuously monitoring the RF environment during the event, I quickly identify and resolve any issues, ensuring uninterrupted wireless communication.

Emergency Planning

Having contingency plans in place, I prepare for any unexpected RF interference or equipment failures, ensuring swift and effective resolutions.

Training and Communication

I educate event staff and participants on the proper use of wireless equipment and RF best practices, promoting a well-informed and prepared team.

Successful RF Coordination by RF Queens ensures that all wireless microphones and IEM devices function seamlessly, contributing to the smooth running of your event.

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Mic'ing Up Service

Ensuring a clear, professional audio experience is essential for any event. Here’s what I, Jess, cover when you book RF Queens for mic'ing up speakers and talent:

Choosing the Right Microphone

I help you select the ideal microphone for your event and environment:

  • Lavalier Microphones: Perfect for free-moving speakers; small and discreet.

  • Handheld Microphones: Best for audience interviews.

  • Headset Microphones: Suitable for active speakers or performers, ensuring consistent audio.

Preparing the Equipment

  • Fresh Batteries: I ensure all wireless microphones and IEM devices have fresh batteries.

  • Frequency Management: Devices are set to avoid interference.

  • Sound Check: Testing and adjusting microphones with the PA system and Wavetool.

Placing the Mic

  • Lavalier Mics: Secured below the speaker's chin.

  • Headset Mics: Adjusted close to the mouth, avoiding the direct path of airflow.

  • Handheld Mics: Guiding speakers to hold it 6 cm from their mouth at an angle.

Cable Management

  • Lavalier and Headset Mics: Cables are secured under clothing.

  • Wireless Packs: Attached securely to belts, bras, or waistbands.

Technical Support

  • Microphone Technician: Handling any technical issues.

  • Backup Plan: Spare microphones and batteries are always available.

Briefing the Talent

  • Instructions: Guiding them through the mic-up process.

  • Comfort Check: Ensuring they are comfortable with the setup.

During the Event

  • Monitoring: I monitor audio levels and adjust them as necessary for clarity.

  • Quick Response: Addressing any issues promptly.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the audio for your event will be clear, professional, and free from technical difficulties.

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Brooke Byrne - Signature Events and Strategic Programs Leader, Asia Pacific IBM

IBM Logo
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jess on countless flagship IBM events over a number of years. Time and time again, we continue to see the value Jess brings on site and consistently request that she leads the RF and mic up for our key experiences. 

The value Jess brings on site is not just her via expertise in mic up and RF management but her personal engagement with each and every speaker - who are often our important clients. 

Jess is able to make personal connections with every person she engages with - often when they’re at their most venerable, Jess puts them at ease.

Her leadership on site is a stand out quality. Personally, Jess has mentored me, helping me understand the industry better and has given her time coaching me on site. The time spent with her has been invaluable. 

It is really important to me to showcase diversity across our events not just with those who take the stage, but also in the crew that work our events. Jess embodies this. 

Jess has pulled together a fantastic community of like minded industry professionals and really empowers women in her field. As an event manager, I feel part of that community."

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