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Remote or On-location
Event base RF Coordination

Remote or On-Location Event Base RF Coordination

RF Queens is dedicated to supporting Australian theatre venues and school halls with a comprehensive range of RF equipment services, whether for in-house setups or touring productions. Here’s how I, Jess, can assist you:

Addressing RF Interference

Are you experiencing RF interference with your wireless in-ear monitors (IEMs) or microphones? I specialize in diagnosing and resolving interference issues to ensure seamless and uninterrupted performances. With expertise in RF spectrum management, I can help you identify and mitigate sources of interference, providing you with reliable and high-quality audio.

Upgrading and Expanding Your Gear

Thinking about upgrading your current RF equipment or making some small additions? I offer guidance and recommendations on the latest and most effective gear to suit your specific needs. Whether you require new wireless microphones, IEMs, or other RF-related equipment, I can assist in selecting and integrating the best options for your venue or touring setup.

Training Your Team

Is your team in need of training on your in-house RF gear? Proper training is essential to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your equipment. I provide comprehensive training sessions tailored to your gear and technical requirements. My training covers everything from basic operation to advanced troubleshooting, empowering your team to manage your RF systems confidently.

Reliable RF Assistance

Are you looking for a dependable contact for RF assistance whenever needed? I offer ongoing support and consultation services, ensuring you can access expert advice and assistance whenever issues arise. Whether it's a quick question or an urgent problem, you can rely on RF Queens as your go-to RF partner.

Tailored Services for Your Needs

Whether you require short-term solutions or long-term support, I can provide the services you need to maintain optimal RF performance. From one-time troubleshooting and gear upgrades to continuous support and team training, I tailor my services to meet your specific requirements and ensure your productions run smoothly.

For more information and to discuss your RF needs, please email I look forward to helping you achieve flawless audio performance.

Remote or on-location
Event base RF Coordination

RF Queens assists Australian theatre venues and school halls with in-house or touring RF equipment. 

Here’s how RF Queens can help:

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Timo Liski - Senior Manager, Product Management

"RF Queens has been a steadfast supporter of Wavetool for many years, offering invaluable support not only within Australia but globally as well. We deeply appreciate Jess’s ongoing commitment and contributions to our success. Her efforts in spreading the word have truly made a significant impact."
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