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DPA Masters Club Member - Jess McCloughan

DPA Masters Club Member - Jess McCloughan

Jess has been a Member of the "DPA Masters Club" for a few years now, so it is exciting to be able to sell these amazing productions in our online store. Here is the post from DPA's Website.

I've worked on events with Australian artists such as Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem, corporate shows such as Tedx Sydney, IBM and Adobe events, and Arena School musical

I've been in the entertainment industry for 12 years now. For the last 7 years, I've mainly focused on RF and mic distribution for medium—to large-scale events.


Career highlights

Jess is a seasoned RF Engineer, Mic Up tech, Stage Tech & Production Manager with extensive experience in the Corporate, Concert & Theatre industries. Throughout the last ten years, she has been involved in many large-scale events, Managing mic distribution from 5-20 headsets for Tedx Sydney to 75 microphones for an arena School musical here in Sydney, Australia. Jess can be found fitting any number of DPA headsets and lavalier to talent or speakers as well as managing a vast amount of DPA instrument microphones.

Favourite DPA Microphones

For my corporate TedX style events, I'll use 5-20 long core 4166s in Black, Brown, and Beige; the flex frame is my favourite as it's really easy to adjust for smaller heads and is super comfortable for the end user.For my theatre shows, the preference is normally 4066, and for musicals or orch events, I'm working with a lot of 4099s with almost all of the clips designed for the 4099s.


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