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RF Venue - New Products June 2024

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Let us know if you are interested in getting a demo of any of the following products.

DISTRO5 HDR (470-698 MHz)

The DISTRO5 HDR is RF Venue's newest and highest-performance antenna and power distribution platform for any brand wireless microphone system. Building on the success of the DISTRO4, it delivers even better RF performance in a compact half-rack footprint. Multiple DISTRO5s can be cascaded together using the included joining plate hardware and available premium interconnect cable packages for up to 9 channels of wireless mics in a 1RU space.

Click on this Link to find out more about this product RF Venue - DISTRO5 HDR

RF Venue DISTRO5 HDR Front

COMBINE6 HDR (470-698 MHz)

For performers, in-ear monitors (IEMs) are a lifeline, but RF dropouts and interference can turn them into a nightmare on stage when you need them the most. The culprit?  Antenna farms, where multiple IEM transmitters can create a chaotic mess of signals and excess noise.
Enter the COMBINE6 HDR, a compact, half-rack unit that streamlines your IEM setup. It combines up to 6 IEM signals into one, eliminating the "antenna farm" problem. Say goodbye to troubleshooting monitors, COMBINE6 HDR provides the confidence and consistency needed for performers, in a flypack-friendly package.  

Click on this Link to find out more about this product RF Venue - COMBINE6 HDR


Spectrum Recorder (400-700 MHz)

The RF Venue Spectrum Recorder simplifies monitoring and optimizing wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems. It continuously captures RF activity in the 400-700 MHz band, saving data as time-stamped CSV files on its internal storage. These files can be retrieved directly via USB drive or accessed remotely over a local network.
Connect Spectrum Recorder directly to your wireless microphone antenna system or use the included whip antenna to capture spectrum for a site survey before your system is installed or loaded-in. PoE capable and battery ready, the Spectrum Recorder is small and lightweight enough to easily ship to a remote location or deploy across many rooms on a fixed installation.
Spectrum Recorder's data can be uploaded to RF Venue's free web-based Wireless System Builder tool for system design and frequency coordination, or imported natively to third party software like Shure® Wireless Workbench and Audio-Technica® Wireless Manager.

Click on this Link to find out more about this product RF Venue - Spectrum Recorder.

RF Venue Spectrum Recorder Front
RF Venue Spectrum Recorder Back
RF Venue Spectrum Recorder Connection & deployment

Let us know if you have any questions or would like a demo of these products. RF Queens

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