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The DISTRO4 is a true “distribution amplifier” that distributes diversity RF and DC power across four wireless microphone receivers of any brand. 


DISTRO4 is a 4-way active antenna splitter plus cascade port with external power that allows you to share one pair of diversity antennas with up to 5 wireless receivers. Built in a full metal housing it ships with 10 BNC cables and 4 dc power cables to connect up your receivers.  Multiple DISTRO4s can be connected together up to 25 receivers to a single diversity pair of antennas.

To utilize directional antennas with more than two receivers, an antenna distributor is the right tool for the job. With a single Diversity Fin and DISTRO4, you can avoid crosstalk bleed from multiple whip antennas, and remove questionable wall warts and unneeded powerstrips that can cause other avoidable issues. 

Whether you have a small stage setup with 4 wireless microphones, or a larger venue with 25 wireless microphones, DISTRO4 ensures reliable RF signal to your receivers from the A and B outputs of a single Diversity Fin antenna, removing chances of dropping out from multipath reflections and cross-polarization fades. 


$1,525.00 Regular Price
$1,300.00Sale Price
GST Included
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