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Pocket Rocket RF Scanner

Updated: Jul 4

Hey RF nerds, Today I have to show you something cool. I call it the pocket rocket RF Scanner; it fits in your pocket and is very portable; now let us be clear: it isn't as defined as the pro scanners, but if you are out and about and need some reference images of what the environment is looking like, it's the perfect size to carry around with you, especially if you get called last minute to help a fellow RF tech with RF issues, and you dont have your pelican with you.

RTL-SDR Blog V3 (works with RForALL software)

Here is the pocket rocket RF Scanner (My Nickname for it). It is super portable and scans 500kHz—1.7 Ghz. I have this version V3, and it works like a treat. Below, I have listed some items I purchased with it to make it all work.

Bingfu Wireless Microphone Receiver Antenna UHF 400MHz-960MHz

Here is an easy pare of Antennas to get you going (you only need one, but they come as a pair) Puchase at: BNC SMA Coax Connector SMA Male to BNC Female Coaxial Connector

And adaptors are always handy to connect the dots, again only need one but they come in a pare. Purchase:

Quite a simple peace of software, cant see a Windows version but the mac one has been soild ever since I got one.

Anyways email me what your experiance is of this little item.

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